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The comfy imageboard.

The comfy imageboard; intended for people who are looking for an imageboard just a bit more comfy than the alternatives.

"A Bomb!" - JC Denton.

RE: 403 issues, CP spam & Lack of focus on the site.. — by Stank at 02/03/22 (Thu) 17:42:51

I'm not sure why attempting to post in some threads results in 403 really beyond me jankily setting up the site wrong.. (may be i've set a certain post limit for threads and that particular thread has hit said limit)

Point i'm at in my life I've paid for another years' hosting on here but I might just pull it down for a few months and do a relaunch.

I've figured out a much better way to make changes to the site then the one I started the site using & have been for the last 2(?) years now, and I stress way too much about the CP spam for what i'm doing about it at the moment (manually deleting any spam posts myself). I know how to set up post filtering but once again its incredibly janky with how i roll out updates to the site in its current state which further leads me to want to do a relaunch and start the site off correctly, what would you anons prefer? I'm very conscious that comfy.chat is built entirely by its userbase and don't want to make any drastic decisions as of this very second.

above typeup is just a stream of thought and not sure if it flows entirely gracefully though I thought it'd be the most honest and true to cc way of conveying the information across to you guys.
Hope you all are doing well and surviving this new year, I really do appreciate everyone that has taken the time to post on here or even lurk, you guys have given me purpose and drive when there hasn't been any and hope that theres many more years ahead for this project going forward regardless what happens.

-Stank _(-ω-`_)

funky features !! — by Stank at 09/08/20 (Tue) 13:23:25

lifes been manic my end, but a quick update !!

I finally stopped being lazy and made a dedicated friends page, you should be able to see it now linked alongside all the different boards and the FAQ, We also have yet another newfriend to celebrate the occasion !!
Please do check out kind.moe and show them some love and support whilst your there.

(´• ω •`) ♡

We're over a year old lol — by Stank at 03/10/20 (Tue) 19:33:40

posting the non-regular news thing to say lol we hit our 1 year anniversary last month, I only know cause the annual bill came through, just thought our necro-community deserved to adknowledge it somehow at the very least.

In other news, i'm proud to shill for a fellow Imageboard, and I suppose on some levels, our first partner; https://www.grimchan.xyz/ !!! They've helped me in the past figure out some of the less-documented aspects of Vichan's engine, and we've supported eachother for a while now, so I just thought i'd give them a shoutout! kep on keeping up lads. ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

Final thing for this News post, our little bubble of smaller, independent ImageBoards seems to have stepped on the toes of a certain IB, so please be vigilant in reporting any CP or spam so my mods and I can deal with it appropriately according to the posts in question.

We managed to survive a year so far, so i am pretty chuffed, now all we must do is remain comfy! ( 〃▽〃)

6 Month anniversary!!! — by Stank at 07/02/19 (Tue) 16:13:17

£22, 145 posts by 56 unique IPs, and 6 months in; I'd say that i'm really chuffed with the success of this site so far, and appreciate all of your support so far shown by the users of this site; even recently recieving our first bit of original content for the site, which in my books only further cements that this has been a worthwhile investment on my part.

Genuinely thank you from the bottom og my heart for the support shown, and please do stay comfy for another 6 months of comfy.chat! <3

New CSS — by Stank at 06/01/19 (Sat) 14:42:37

I finally updated/made the site a new CSS stylesheet default, so that we stand out a little more from the crowd of 'yotsuba b' default installs many sites tend to stick with, I feel this new style retains the simple, and easy on the eyes aesthetic of yotsuba b, whilst also being unique and more appropriate for the general feel of comfy.chat.

As always, any thoughts, suggestions and/or criticism on this change are more than appreciated on /m/.
Thank you and stay comfy lads. <3

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