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all - smelly stinky!! uh oh!


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my goal is to just… make fifty thousand dollar profit a week
which seems like measly amount compared to the world s best achiever so i thought it would make things simpler

but i cant seem to thought up even 5$, no, 1$ product that will sell aton so i hit that minimum target of mine.

it s confusing and i cant seem to… science the shit out of it. and everyone just told me to do invesment crap but that s basically losing lol

what do i do

why is everyone a fucking idiot anyway
it s just art fuck


sorry not a week. a month. urgh

fuck you all useless space wendigos, you fucking grape water addicts and mentaly retarded mathemathically deficient stegosaurs, go to hell you cretin tigris chimps


man i hate looking at this loan. it s as if it was supposed to, push my inner ki so i can get a job but then it gets too fucking retarded like, geez i gave it all free. you want me to kneel and make scene too? fuck you i havent done that much of trouble

you should nuke the fucking city cuz i think you are kind of retarded and have 0 resources to spare anyway you worthless defects of a gook

country of gooks


cringe. everything is cringe

now now whatever end it ha


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Hello frens. Have you watched the cartoon The Ghost and Molly McGee yet? I would just like to recommend it as a comfy cartoon about a very positive little girl and her ghost friend. If you have watched this show, feel free to discuss it and your favorite characters here. Pic related is Libby, she's my favorite.


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hemlo, i am here looking for comfy frens. please post your comfiest pictures
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File: 1637416772836.jpg (820.92 KB, 2640x1488, 20211118_122023.jpg)

comfy lads :)


Comfy is forever


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File: 1638055642698.jpg (58.8 KB, 1046x873, photo_2021-11-25_16-53-45.jpg)



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File: 1615328858017.png (1.4 MB, 1266x680, 1615233320157-2.png)


Wouldn't it be fun to work on a custom Doom .wad or smth?? would u guys be down? :3




the last time i hacked on doom was back in school, but it's not like we made edits that resembled certain people and places in real life and were judged harshly for it by paranoids with no sense of humor…
all characters and events depicted in this vidya are entirely fictitious. any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, or in minecraft, is purely coincidental.


>>45 this pic feels twisted


File: 1637764965464.png (17.88 KB, 315x160, images (8).png)


How do i know the kind of material(s) and quality that can gain me fifty thousand subs, traffics, comments and likes, those kinds (monthly, regularly) in the internet?

i dont feel like doing one thousand things for half the value is very easy, or profittable to do…


edit: basically to, regularly maintain fifty K subs and views/'traffic'; gaining thousands favs/like for each materials; and then income, i guess.


File: 1637571848556.jpg (1.11 MB, 3106x4096, IMG_20211121_002241.jpg)


how to get some(alot)of (millions) of subscribers, to your channel/products? do fan arts they like? follow trending stuff? what else?


i've fucked around with the youtube hustle few times with different degrees of success and ngl sewrch optimization and viewer engagement are the biggest influences for success on both thst platform and most social medias as well


It's sad when talented artists can't figure out a way to drive engagement.


>>56 What's viewer engagement?
>>57 How do you drive engagement, if i may ask? With art "only" i suppose?


File: 1637498100245.jpg (1.11 MB, 3106x4096, IMG_20211121_002241.jpg)


tell me what would you fill in 168 design if you were asked to come up with that many

say for, a game or a big project? or how would you go and research and decide each and every designs….


I would colaborate with a few other designers, and also come up with prompts for said designs too within the context of what the design is for, e.g. pokemon i'd consider the environment of the land they're inhabitting, the culture that surrounds them, ecosystems and if/how said designs interact w/ one another… stuff like dat :3


168 designs?

I'd start by building up an inspo folder or moodboard. Also write down attributes and put them into a hat.


ok… very nice. what if you dont have other designers to collaborate?

and no moodboards because your mood sucks and unprofitable….


File: 1562676387902.jpg (39.55 KB, 820x422, demo home.JPG)


eyy, anyone else been following Dragon Quest Builders 2? am kinda really hyped for it and have been having fun with the demo so far.



File: 1635570301817.png (326.27 KB, 500x712, original.png)


anyone who trynna do this /j


wrong board fren


because i have cock rasps




mirphy y gumball creepypasta


File: 1635776839467.jpg (52.05 KB, 400x419, tumblr_1721c696de62c395e82….jpg)


Questionette = Wife Material


File: 1635592945134.jpg (52.05 KB, 400x419, tumblr_1721c696de62c395e82….jpg)


Questionette = Wife Material


File: 1635545022481.png (69.16 KB, 2196x1286, logo.png)


HQchan. We have several boards.


File: 1634512695643.jpg (35.41 KB, 503x670, tilly.jpg)


My cat Tilly roaming around on my stairs :)


That's a very cute kot.




I'd even say, a very cute kotik, koteika, koten'ka


File: 1627942892116.png (94.2 KB, 866x1024, Baka!.png)


New board just dropped!

Come have fun and act retarded.
Get rare GETs while you can.


File: 1628437195323.png (27.03 KB, 400x379, e.png)




File: 1628848895494.jpg (41.95 KB, 318x429, Screenshot_20210805-183824….jpg)

Ty fren…


File: 1629072313346.jpg (110.49 KB, 1280x928, photo_2021-08-03_21-49-53.jpg)

Sleep well, fren.


File: 1635332087365.jpg (33.98 KB, 289x386, Tux.jpg)

Good morning, rise and shine!


File: 1634630939127.png (18.97 KB, 93x129, EykwhXJVIAIbIaN.png)




Because squidward proved too difficult for him.

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