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Considering that this place is being publicized on 4chan, we should take care to ensure that it doesn’t end up like that dumpster fire.

I believe that fixed “board cultures” spelled the death of 4chan, whether it came from without (like major news networks branding it as a haven for incels and neo-nazis) or from within (/mu/core essentials, /lit/ required reading, /o/-approved cars, etc.). Shared beliefs and practices are what make a tribe, and it feels good to be part of a tribe, but it forces all discussion to exist in relation to this cultural monopoly, and makes it all very constrained and one-dimensional.

I’m old enough to remember when 4chan was a place where weirdos went to express their identities, rather than acquire their identities. It was comfy. I’d like to hang out somewhere like that again.


based thread, I do agree with you tbh OP. I commented on it partially over on the FAQ in regards for my ideal outcome of this site, however i'm moreso approapching it with memories of 2013 8chan/v/, where the overarching 'culture' was less-so about a particular status the site had be it from the inside or out, but moreso just a group of regular users having fun in their own way, keeping things cozy and goofing off regardless of whatever social status was applied.

Sadly both 8ch and 4chan very much succumbed to the same shit, and presuming that this site ever reachers that sort range (which i doubtit will), I hope that it can continue to keep that sort of user culture, rather than falling to the same shitty fate.

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This will probably never catch on but ill try my best to post in this page because i spite current 4chan so much


based tbh!

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hey anons I'd like to start a music general. I'm interested in what your favorite albums or songs are. I'll start with one of my favorite albums of all time.


File: 1549438873515.jpg (100.04 KB, 300x300, Radiohead.bends.albumart.jpg)

b*sed thread anon, recently been really stuck on pic related myself, always have loved myself some Radiohead. Will give your post a listen in a bit and post my thoughts on it.


talking heads remain in light

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Umaru saved anime unironically


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personally prefer Boku no Pico myself, anon.

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