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tell me what would you fill in 168 design if you were asked to come up with that many

say for, a game or a big project? or how would you go and research and decide each and every designs….


I would colaborate with a few other designers, and also come up with prompts for said designs too within the context of what the design is for, e.g. pokemon i'd consider the environment of the land they're inhabitting, the culture that surrounds them, ecosystems and if/how said designs interact w/ one another… stuff like dat :3


168 designs?

I'd start by building up an inspo folder or moodboard. Also write down attributes and put them into a hat.


ok… very nice. what if you dont have other designers to collaborate?

and no moodboards because your mood sucks and unprofitable….

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eyy, anyone else been following Dragon Quest Builders 2? am kinda really hyped for it and have been having fun with the demo so far.


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Howdy anons,
Any of y'all Poké-Fags? I've really been getting into a few different romhacks as of late, specifically GB ones, as I'm unable to run GBA ones on my R4.

Throughout my tests i've found two that are really my favorite and I can reccomend to you lot;

>The 'Gen 1 GFX&MUSIC V2.0' Patch: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=294686

>The 'PKMN - Roaming Red vb.3.0' Patch: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=403522

Feel free to trash my taste, ik it was bad when I bought and enjoyed Let's Go Pikachu!
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kek, nah nah was just explaining why my post only features those type of suggestions. Am currently testing a romhack named 'Light Platinum', and it seems alright enough, though is an english patch for the spanish release of gold? is a weird one, like naranja.
stay mad, nofun.


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I prefer open source monster games like https://opmon-game.ga/ and https://www.tuxemon.org/ .


how similar are they to actual mainline pokeymans games? may have to give them a sniff and a go


was streaming red++ the other day, first time playing it and shit seems like a kind of dope romhack, deffo better than some of the other gen 1 mods ive played in the past..


Used to play Crystal or any new version every June.
Kinda gave up on it after discovering creative hobbies.

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my hobby is advertising imageboards and masturbating
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Chanroast.me is the board most similar to here in all of the internet.


lizchan is back at lizchan.top!


long time no see my old thread


How long has it been?


over a year, online world is slowing down

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