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/h/ - Hobbies

Howdy anons, Welcome to /h/!

I'm making this first thread to help kick start discussions on this board, and also as a housewarming of sorts, so feel free to discuss anything hobby-related here!!
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Anyone else here into HEMA and other weapon based martial arts?
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my hobby is advertising imageboards and masturbating
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eyy, anyone else been following Dragon Quest Builders 2? am kinda really hyped for it and have been having fun with the demo so far.
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What do you like in a video game genre?

What makes you love a certain video game genre?
For examples, I love puzzle games as there's hundreds of ways of implementing skill in each game.
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DnD/Pathfinder thread

Tabletop stuff is comfy, post soem tabletop stories and stuff frends.
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Any GUNPURA ppl here? What's your build today?
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Howdy anons,
Any of y'all Poké-Fags? I've really been getting into a few different romhacks as of late, specifically GB ones, as I'm unable to run GBA ones on my R4.

Throughout my tests i've found two that are really my favorite and I can reccomend to you lot;

>The 'Gen 1 GFX&MUSIC V2.0' Patch: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=294686

>The 'PKMN - Roaming Red vb.3.0' Patch: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=403522

Feel free to trash my taste, ik it was bad when I bought and enjoyed Let's Go Pikachu!
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European Comics thread

Anyone into any European comics here? I enjoy comics such as Asterix and Iznogoud for the wordplay that drives the stories.
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Nintendo Direct - Feb 2019 r8 thread

So after last night's direct, I thought i'd give my opinion on it, and the stuff I liked.
>Mario Maker 2
good call on this anon ( >>2 )for bringing this game up, although I am disapointed they didn't go all the way with the 3d world concept as I would've liked, is still cool they're doing it. Worth getting on sale i'd say.
looks like arse, kek.
>Fire Emblem
see above.
don't play it.
not my type of game.
>new Plat game
looks dope as hell, deffinetly interested, got my hopes up for open world but i gotta doubt that considering it is platinum. Just hoping this doesn't turn into another soulsbourne.
>Tetris 99
jesus christ this game is good, would be willing to drop like a fiver on it to get an offline regular gamemode.
See Zelda & Fire Emblem.
>Asscreed 3
why not asscreed 4?
>Captian Toad
Love the multiplayter addition, deffinetly has me wanting to cop it now, not too fussed about the dlc.
>Yoshi game
>Dragon Quest
Finally got DQB2 release date, is a day 1 purchase. Not too fussed about 11 tho.
>Final fantasy
Interested in 9, don't care for 7.
>Star Fox
>Dead by Daylight
>Daemon X Machina
fucking loving this demo, might even have to preorder this one.
>Rune Factory
not fussed since no gameplay stuffed shown for 5.
still salty about the lack of spriteart.
will give a go as it is free.

Would love to know what you lads thought about it.
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Mario Maker 2

What would you like to see in a sequel that includes the content of the previous one?
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Anyone else here plays splatoon 2?

blz i want people to play with, although im pretty bad at it i can learn i swear