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Anyone into any European comics here? I enjoy comics such as Asterix and Iznogoud for the wordplay that drives the stories.


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not european perse, though I've always been interested in the Donald Duck comics, which are popular in the Nederlands, though never had an excuse to read them, and the only time i've seen them for sale myself they were in dutch; might've been a good opportunity to actually learn the language though I suppose.


I'm italian and I grew up reading italian donald duck comics. I don't know if there's any way to find english translations online but if you do I really recommend them, there are some great ones. They have a unique style of absurd humor that I really loved and that shaped my sense of humor growing up.


File: 1561586350256.jpg (107.88 KB, 1117x540, disgust.jpg)

Pic from an italian comic where "Paperinik", a dark superhero version of Donald Duck, is introduced for the first time. Not sure if this shit is known at all outside of Italy.

Translation of the legendary 2nd balloon: "Buazz! What a disgusting ostentation of plutocratic condescension!"


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lol quackman honk

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