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Feel free to post any kind of suggestions, questions or anything else related to the site here!
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oh nice, I like this kind of aesthetic, you thinking of using the one linked in your post or making an original one similar to it? could do either tbh, maybe even go for more of a castlevania/dorf fort w/ no texture packs type aesthetic and cover both dark and rpg themes maybe.

also lul, they shilling for shovel knight or something?


File: 1566089479657.png (376.86 KB, 1146x592, Captura_de_pantalla_1.png)

I'm interested to see what you can come up with using that framework.
>they shilling for shovel knight or something


fresh update news for y'all,

Today being my lazy day, I decided to sit down and work some more on the stylesheets for the site, and as you may be able to notice, I made some slight adjustments to the default 'Comfy' one, as per suggestion via the email admin@comfy.chat, and also added a theme I've been musing over for a while now; YoRHa, inspired from the menu aesthetics of the game 'Nier Automata'.

I plan to add three more themes over the next week or two; A pixel/sprite-based one similar to that reccomended in this thread already, an adjusted dark theme tailored towards 8ch's 'Cyber' theme, and one final media-based theme; 'NAVI', themed around the OS featured in the Anime 'Serial Experiments Lain. Hope this most recent update and planned continued updates are all in line with what you guys are after and that you are all happy with the adjustments being made! Big thanks and stay comfy lads.

(⌒( ・∀・) Meri…
(  o   つ


Good to see progress.


Nice, I'm sure the Navi one will be great.

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