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Feel free to post any kind of suggestions, questions or anything else related to the site here!
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Good to see progress.


Nice, I'm sure the Navi one will be great.


Smoll update that doesnt really affect the site too majorly, but if you look up in the tab for the site, we finally have a favicon, which i've been toying around with for a while now; big thanks to grimchan.xyz for the heads up on how to sort this; if any of you wish to do any kind of user content for the site also, i'd be more than happy to implememnt it on your behalf.
Thanks again for all your support and input, and most of all, stay comfy! <3


Are you guys like friends now?


it's nothing formal or anything, I just happened to see one of their update posts on twitter regarding favicons, and took the opportunity to inquire about them;
I follow quite a few smaller IBs to see what the general feel and progress is for this type of site and their users. Grimchan is cozy as hell, and similar to my desired endgoal though.

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