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'technology is gay.' - Nelson Mandela
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What's the worst piece of tech?


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definitely the dinner blaster tbh anon.


he said worst


iThing, number 254635467


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the deepfried ps2


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The end of an era.

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That's not for the Switch.


based reggae-chink, so when u posting that desktop nigger?


>virtualbox icon in the tray

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The war must end now!
You must decide which side you are on!


hypothetically, can we mod said corps' products or we talking stock, fresh out of retail, shit? and we allowed to lean into retro shit or we talking modern crapple and microshaft?

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Ooo, a new tech board? fuck it i'll make the first thread on linux autism, any anons on here run linux? if so what distro and rice setup you rocking? Deb/XFCE here for that comfy practical setup.

Somewhat unrelated, I was watching a smaller Linux YT channel and they leaked that Linux Mint is setting up some sort of inner clique for shilling that POS distro among new users, majority of people being bloggers, and casual tech channels apparently, and are intended to influence their audience to use Mint; what are you guys' thought on that?


Nice xfeces.

No one talks about Mint anymore. Too little, too late. District popularity is extremely faddish. The year of the Linux desktop can only happen when desktops are dead.


lel xfeces is the best of the "muh liteweight" DEs tbh, yet to try openbox and window managers tho I can already predict thats a whole level of autism I can do without, same for arch tbh.

and for the most part I can agree on the sentiment that distro popularity is faddish, the only reason I rock debian is because it does what I want it to, they way i want it to.

Unrelated however, I really wanna dive into OpenBSD at some point, as I reckon it could be fun to get into after all the hurdles.

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